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It might be outdated or ideologically biased. Sarmatians the general name for Iranian-speaking tribes that lived from the third century B. The early history of the Sarmatians is linked with the Sauro-matians, in whose midst the Sarmatians formed great tribal unions, led by the Roxolani, Alani, and other tribes.

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Land cultivation was practiced by those Sarmatians who settled in regions where land cultivation had been practiced by the former inhabitants. Sarmatian society experienced the breakdown of the clan structure and the formation of classes, with special status conferred on the rich clan-tribal elite, military leaders, and soldiers.

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The broad dispersal of the Sarmatians and the movement westward were motivated by the need to acquire new pastures and the desire to be closer to cities and areas of land cultivation for purposes of trade and plunder. Beginning in the third and second centuries B. In the late second century B. They participated in the internecine wars of the Bosporan state and gradually settled in Bosporan cities. In the first century B. The eastern group of Sarmatians was linked economically and politically with the states of Middle Asia, especially Khwarazm.

In the first century A. In the first centuries A. In the third century A. Individual groupings of the Sarmatians, particularly the Alani, reached Spain and penetrated North Africa.

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In the early Middle Ages, those Sarmatians who remained in the southern part of what is now the USSR mixed with other peoples, including Slavs, Northern Caucasians, and Turkic-speaking tribes, especially the last-named people.

As part of the Ossetic people, the Sarmatians retained their own language.

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The Sarmatian culture of the early period, from kuban trading llc seventh to third centuries B. The animal images were surface designs or engraved, kuban trading llc, or three-dimensional representations, made of gold, bronze, bone, horn, or stone. Together with decorations in the animal style—mainly sinuous bodies of predators and dragons joined in intense struggle—there are also frequent depictions of winged spirits and anthropomorphic deities, as well as plant motifs.

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Filigree and gold-wire granulations were applied to polychromatic jewelry. Zoomorphic motifs gradually gave way to geometric designs.

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Toward the end of the Sarmatian period, in the third and fourth centuries, the polychromatic style became especially rich, but the objects grew less refined in workmanship. Kuznetsov, V. Smirnov, K. Moscow, Malovitskaia, L. All rights 2020 uždirbti greitai. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

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